Marcos  GT 3 Liter
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Marcos GT 3 Liter


Marcos GT Chassis #3v5640 was built in 1969 by Wiltshire, England based Marcos Engineering , a low volume manufacturer of premium sports cars and purpose built race cars from 1959 through to 2007. Champion Drivers, Sir Jackie Stewart and Derek Bell helped make Marcos a revered mark across Europe and much of the world’s sports car racing communities The Marcos name derives from the surnames of founders Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. Prior to co-founding Marcos Engineering, Jem Marsh, the Mar of Marcos, was a promising race driver and engineer specializing in performance components for the Austin 7s that were a major part of Britain’s post war racing scene. Frank Constin, of the cos in Marcos, was a master in the creation of rigid, aerodynamically advanced, light weight structures and pioneer in the development of monocoque chassis design. Prior to partnering with Marsh, Constin put his creative genius to work on the development of England’s much celebrated Mosquito Bomber during World War II and immediately following the war, Constin went onto help draft racing icons that included: Maserati’s fabled Bird Cage Lemans Cars, the legendary Lister Jaguars, and a host of Lotus designs that included the beloved Mark VIII. The Marcos GT series similar to the vehicle seen here was first introduced in 1963 at the London Racing Car Show as a road car and was met with considerable acclaim. Brothers Dennis and Peter Adams penned the timeless shape of the 43” tall GT and its initial variation included a wood monocoque chassis, adjustable pedals and De Dion rear suspension. Pricing (a GT cost roughly $2,500 in 1964) and overall performance (0-60mph took roughly 7.1 seconds) at the time of launch and throughout its model run paralleled the Jaguar E-type but the GT driving experience is like no other car. Total Marcos production runs can be measured in the mere hundreds with this GT example being the ultra rare (fewer than 50 in all) US Spec, tubular steel space frame cars powered by the bullet proof 3 Liter Volvo Inline 6 and anemic BorgWarner B35 Automatic Transmission. Tariff complications and confusion about changing federalization requirements held this car in British customs for nearly 7 years. Eventually it was sold to a Londoner, painted red and used it as a grand touring car with some slight engine performance upgrades being done along the way. In 1981 a New Yorker spotted the car while traveling in England, tracked down its first owner and over a series of letters and phone calls persuaded them to sell the car and ship it to the Port of Newark, NJ. Just one year later the first American owner fell on hard times financially and sold it via a Road and Track ad to a fellow New Yorker and British car collector. The GT’s 2nd American owner kept the car from 1982 until 2013 when the car was purchased with 19,000 documented original miles by its current owner. In October 2013 this GT was shipped to Wimauma Florida where it underwent a 15 month frame off restoration by renowned Marcos expert, Larry Meadows. During its restoration, the car was returned to a slight variation on its original color and it went through a conversion to a 4spd manual transmission with electronic over drive. While apart numerous handling, aesthetic and performance upgrades where made while keeping to a high standard of period correctness.  

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